We are a leading environmental consulting company, specialized in carrying out custom projects for companies.

Our team of environmental engineering experts work closely with our clients to identify and address their specific needs.

Our wide range of consulting services include:

  • Integrated environmental authorizations.
  • Environmental impact studies.
  • Maritime contingency plans.
  • Landfill and waste management permits.
  • Studies of waste minimization.
  • Technical audits and required permits.
  • Energy efficiency analysis and consumption minimization.
  • Preliminary facility closure and decommissioning plans.
  • Viability studies.
  • Water treatability studies.
  • Laboratory process development.
  • Respirometry tests.
  • Modelling of water treatment processes.
  • Process micro piloting.
  • Training (in house / online).
  • Elaboration of environmental responsibility reports.
  • Environmental risks minimization audits.

Other services


Turnkey projects

Operation of Facilities

Emergency Response