Company partners

GESTÁN MEDIOAMBIENTAL S.L., COMPANY AUTHORIZED AS WASTE MANAGER by the Xunta de Galicia on logistics, storage, valorization and elimination of non hazardous waste. It has two waste treatment facilities in Arteixo and Sobrado dos Monxes, both in the province of A Coruña with an own fleet of vehicles (more than 1.000 containers for specific kinds of waste, and up to 18 vehicles).

TECNOLOGÍAS Y TRATAMIENTOS AMBIENTALES S.L. (TTa), focuses its activity on the installation DESIGN, developing AND OPERATION (OUTSOURCING) of wastewater and landfill leachate treatment compact facilities.

INTACTA GESTIÓN AMBIENTAL S.L.  is the Environmental Engineering of GRUPO GESTAN, it leads research and business diversification, seeking and developing new projects and strategic areas.

INVESPAR DESARROLLOS, S.L. was founded on December 14th, 2009. It became the main company of GRUPO GESTAN with FAMILIA PARDO as exclusive owner, with 100% of the capital stock. Its new headquarters are the first step in the corporate reorganization of the Group and take off point of its Strategic Business Plan for the following years.

BIOMASA FORESTAL S.L., It has the purpose of producing a BIOFUEL (wood pellets) from forest biomass, reflecting the value of the Galician mountains and favouring the environment.