The projects and services we offer orbit around the environmental needs of our clients, based on the experience and specialization of our technical team and our commitment to sustainability and in-depth knowledge of the environmental regulations that protect our natural resources.

We conceptualize and develop projects that solve complex problems in the field of industrial wastewater treatment, hazardous and non-hazardous waste treatment and energy production.

We also provide our technical capacity to materialize engineering solutions applied to specific industrial processes and we have facilitated the processing of environmental authorizations of strategic projects for many of our clients.


Our work is present throughout the national territory and we have specialized technical personnel dedicated to the operation of processes in industrial complexes throughout Spain.

In addition, more and more partners are relying on our ability to support major international projects in our areas of expertise.


Since 2011, INTACTA has been offering unique solutions to companies operating at the national level, large multinationals and public organizations.

We have successfully completed more than 300 engineering projects and increased our client portfolio by an average of 5 new incorporations per year, while maintaining our position as the engineering and environmental consultancy of reference for more than 5 entities present in the IBEX35.

For more than 10 years we have been developing unique engineering projects in the fields of water treatment, waste treatment and energy, and supporting our clients in all environmental and industrial procedures.

Throughout these years, our efforts in innovation and development of new technological solutions for the management of wastewater, fuels, industrial waste and, in general, environmental improvement of processes have been rewarded.

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