Attention, development and innovation

Intacta has been diversifying and perfecting its services for more than 10 years with each new challenge proposed by our clients. We cultivate fluid communication with them to channel our joint efforts towards solutions tailored to their needs.

We integrate in a dynamic and collaborative way branches of consulting, engineering, turnkey projects, operation, environmental emergency management and R&D&I. Always with a vocation to contribute to the sustainability of the industry, expand knowledge and continue growing and gaining the long-term trust of new customers.

This versatility and proactivity give us the resilience to adapt our solutions to the needs of our customers. Whether to provide the best technical documentation for the processing of industrial and environmental licenses, or for the design and efficient execution of engineering works and the operation and coordinated technical assistance in its own facilities.


We are a leading company in environmental consulting and we are specialized in adapting our services to each requirement of our clients.

INTACTA's technical team combines extensive experience in the environmental dimension of the industry and in-depth knowledge of its regulations at local, state and European level.

In addition, we have a process laboratory that allows us to study in depth the treatment challenges posed by our customers.
  • Integrated environmental authorization
  • Administrative procedures
  • Process laboratory
  • Strategic industrial projects
  • Process engineering
  • Basic and detailed projects
  • Revamping of facilities
  • Optional direction


INTACTA provides customized engineering solutions tailored to each process, applying curiosity, knowledge, attention to detail and dedication to meet the highest standards of quality, efficiency and sustainability.

We are specialists in the realization of engineering projects with demanding specifications, from preliminary and basic projects to execution projects and process revamping.


We understand our customers' interest in finding efficient and complete solutions for their industrial process needs.

INTACTA's comprehensive turnkey approach articulates the design, construction and delivery of complete and functional projects to our clients, allowing them to concentrate on their core business without having to worry about the complexity of the engineering processes.
  • Industrial processes
  • wastewater treatment
  • waste treatment
  • Technical installations
  • OutSourcing
  • Technical assistance
  • Operation
  • Maintenance


We are able to understand and exploit the treatment processes of our clients' facilities so that they can leave their management and operation in our hands, benefiting from our knowledge.

To this end, INTACTA has a flexible and versatile team of specialists in process chemistry, automation, electromechanics and hydraulic engineering, with extensive experience in operation and maintenance of industrial facilities.


INTACTA offers a responsible and committed service to respond to environmental emergencies and help our clients manage and mitigate the impacts of accidental spills and contamination of soils and riverbeds.

We have experience in coordinating special operations, providing our own means of intervention to sustainably meet the requirements of environmental regulations and protect our natural environment.
  • Control of spills
  • Management of special operations
  • Remediation of contaminated soils
  • First intervention equipment
  • Process innovation
  • Prototype design
  • New applications
  • Public and private financing


Our curiosity and desire to expand our knowledge lead us to explore new solutions for the environmental challenges that we face.

INTACTA promotes and carries out research and development projects in the field of water and waste treatment, collaborating with companies and technology centers in its environment to contribute to the industrial advancement of the environmental sector, always from a sustainable and innovative perspective.