Attention, development and innovation

We offer flexible and personalized attention, supported by the experience and technical capacity of a specialized team. We offer the development of specific solutions for the needs and requirements of each client and each specific project. We offer to put our capacity for innovation at the service of our clients to find the best solution for each new challenge.

We offer our clients our firm commitment to their needs and the vocation of building a stable relationship over time.

We offer the ability to successfully develop projects in a changing and international environment, staying at the side of our clients and responding to their environmental management needs.


At Intacta Consultoría we guide our clients to solve different situations they face in their day-to-day environmental management.


Intacta offers custom engineered solutions to solve any environmental or industrial challenge. From design to implementation, we have experts in all disciplines.

Turnkey projects

From conceptualization to commissioning, our team of experts takes care of the entire process, ensuring timely delivery and guaranteeing quality at every stage.

Operation of Facilities

Intacta offers customized facilities operation services for our clients, allowing them not to worry about the maintenance and operation of their facilities. Our highly trained team is in charge of the management and continuous operation, so that our clients can focus on their main activity without having to train or dispose of additional personnel or resources.

With this service, we ensure the reliability and optimal performance of the facilities, allowing our clients to maximize their productivity.

Explotación de instalaciones por Intacta Gestión Ambiental

Emergency Response

At Intacta, we have a team specialized in managing environmental emergency situations.

We offer a fast and efficient response service to minimize environmental impacts and comply with legal requirements.

Our experts identify possible risk situations, develop contingency plans and provide customized solutions to prevent and manage environmental crises.